About Us

Leaders in products in the area of Air Conditioning, Refrigerant Gases, Welding, Copper and Tools

About Us

Copper Group specializes in the sale of products and materials in the realm of ​​air conditioning, refrigeration, welding, gas, and tools among others.

We are the main importers of copper pipe, refrigerant gases, welding and tools.

Consequently, we support and contribute to the development of small, medium and large companies. We have over thirty years of experience in the market offering high quality products at the best prices, accompanied by excellent customer service.

Our Trajectory

Distribuidora Guaticobre is among the top 3 distribution companies of Copper in Latin America in the countries where the company has presence.


We are a group of companies that focus on maximizing the productivity of our customers, offering them the highest quality in products: copper, air conditioning, refrigeration and tools complemented by a fast and efficient customer service at very competitive prices.


To be recognized as the number one company of the air conditioning, copper, refrigeration and tools distributors in Latin America and North America. At the same time, continue to maintain the highest quality in our products and excellent customer service by adding more products to our large depth of products.

We are proud to say that Copper Group is the leader in copper distribution in Latin America in the countries where we have presence.

Our copper pipes and fittings come from the highest quality and pass all the highest safety standards.

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